Moto Guzzi Sketches

MotoGuzzi 850

Ages ago (2014 I think) – I did a sketch for a friend of a Moto Guzzi 850 for a friend of his (inset sketch, lower left) . I was looking for some larger paper to sketch on recently and found these sketches that I had forgotten in a large sketch block I had unpacked from my recent move. I’m amused to see that, obviously, I had imagined that a lower viewpoint of the bike would be better, but later chose the (better, I think) higher view so that I could show some background. You can see the quick proto-sketch for what would be the final at the top,

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The Dom, Köln


Evelyn and I used to live quite close by to the Dom, and I took numerous photographs of it at the time as I thin k it’s an amazing building. I was looking through all of my old photos last week and decided I would start to catch up on some of the drawings I had intended to do and never got around to. This sketch was better to do from a digital photo then in life, as, iirc, I had to step into the middle of the street to get this view.

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Rua Agusta, Lisbon

Rua Agusta

A sketch I did from a Patio in the Rua Agusta in Lisbon. This was nearly 2 years ago, and I never got around to posting it. The subject matter was tricky and took a little longer than most of my sketches because of the complexity of the architecture. Definitely a 2 pint sketch!

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Brit CD XK120

Catching up… a sketch from British Car Day last September (!) of a lovely Jaguar XK120 with a gaggle of XJSs in the background.

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Land Rover

Land Rover

Very cool and slightly beat up Land Rover from British Car Day this past September.

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Angkor Wat


Apologies for the hiatus between work – I’ve been away and for various reasons was not submitting on the fly. Regardless – Evelyn and I were in Malaysia and Cambodia and I’ll start with the most obvious – a sketch of Angkor Wat. Amazingly impressive, and – being there in the off season it was less busy than I had expected. The weather though, was enervating. We’d already been in Kuala Lumpur for a week and a half when we headed off to Siem Reap, but nothing could prepare us for the oven that Cambodia was! We spent about 2 and a half hours in Angkor Wat, and would have liked to have spend more time but the heat drove us back to the AC in the car… 🙂

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61 Vette


A lovely 1961 Corette I saw at the “Woodbridge Cruisers Hwy 27 Car Show”. The owner was very friendly and gave me a run-down on the car and all of it’s interesting quirks which was fascinating.

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1972 Lancia Fulvia


Evelyn and I were sitting on a Patio on the Lakeshore last weekend when this beauty pulled up. I yakked with the owner a bit and had a sit in the car – (the seats are much more comfortable than they look). I really do love spring.

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More shirts available…



More shirts! These are 3 different shirts (1 for each car) that will be available for purchase at on Friday May 31st. As ever, these are available for a limited time only, so if you want one, you’ll have to check out the site Friday or early Saturday! All proceeds go towards my saving for an E type… 🙂



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Ferrari 330GTC cutaway

Ferrari 330

I did this work about 4 years ago for a client who was writing a book about the Ferrari 330GTC and wanted a “cutaway drawing” as well as “Designer comments” on the car. I couldn’t have been more excited… and got myself stuck in. This was the first full “cutaway drawing” that I had ever attempted and I found it immensely challenging and very rewarding. I had gotten as far as the Adobe Illustrator line work (beneath the sketch) when it became apparent that the book was not going to be published, so, all of this was for naught.

Sad – but a great experience nonetheless.

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