In the same sketchbook (circa 1985) that I found the Tower of London (previous post) I found this – and I find this vastly amusing.

I remember staying in this Youth Hostel back in early July of 1985 – I’ve said that it is in “Leuven” – but it was not – it was rural, definitely outside of Leuven. Why is this amusing to me? My sister-in-law and her family live in Leuven and thus we are frequent visitors there. I had completely forgotten about this place, but have tried (since re-acquainting myself with this sketchbook) through various searches and search methods to see if I could locate this youth hostel/farmhouse but I have not been successful; Leuven has grown, I have no idea of how close (or far) this is from Leuven or indeed, what direction it was in relation to the city, and of course, it is almost certain that this place is no longer a hostel.

Still, I find it hilarious to imagine that I, as a feckless youth toddled around so closely to my soon-to-be brother in law (who would have been a mere 8 or so years old at the time).

Worst, looking at this sketch, I fear my drawing style has not evolved as I might have wished it would. “sigh”.

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Old School and new.

Tower then and now

When I was 18, I went to Europe – good move, I think – it altered my perceptions and changed my life – but I digress. Even back then, I sketched… and on the left you see a badly aged sketch of the southwest tower of the Tower of London that I recently found in an old sketchbook which dates back to June of 1985 when I was a tender and innocent ( 😉 ) 18 years old. On the right is a sketch that I evolved into a loose painting in 2005, when I was living in London. When I did the second sketch/painting, I was completely unaware that I had done the one on the left… Almost the same viewpoint. I’m not sure if this testifies that monuments never change or artists don’t. Or maybe the best viewpoints are limited?

Really the message here is; NEVER throw out your old sketchbooks.

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Please excuse the roughness of this – the final sketch in my “ABC” series – this is a sketch done in 6H pencil as a preliminary underlay for the final. The alliteration for this one (not printed out but slated for the top left corner) is “Many Minis making minimal movement in Milan”.

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K, L


Apologies – for the late addition of this (have been very busy) and the quality. This is a sketch – I didn’t get much further than this. I do have “M” sketched out in rough and will publish it next week. But for now, I leave you to collect the items beginning with K and L – I shan’t give you a number this time…. 🙂 Enjoy!

Ooops! And Evelyn has just pointed out to me that in the “L” I have a spelling mistake – should be “listlessly” – this is the problem with “drawing” letters as opposed to writing them.

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..and here is J…including the cars, I count 25 items – Have at it!

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And “I”… I count 22 items beginning with the letter “I” in this. Have at it!

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Here is “H” = I count 30 items starting with H including the cars… have fun!

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And on to “G”. Including obvious things like the car, and any “words” on the page I believe that this page has 35 items starting with the letter “G”. Have at it… 🙂

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…and here is “F”… I count 34 items beginning with the letter F (you can only count the Fiats once, though!). Enjoy!

Oh! Bonus: See if you can find the mis-spelling. 🙂

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New T-Shirt at “Blipshift”


Blipshift has picked up another of my “renders” and is offering it for sale for the next two days… if you want to be able to hang with the cool kids, this is a must have… 😉

These are available at www.blipshift.com/products/gullwinning

Back to the ABCs on Tuesday…

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