And “I”… I count 22 items beginning with the letter “I” in this. Have at it!

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Here is “H” = I count 30 items starting with H including the cars… have fun!

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And on to “G”. Including obvious things like the car, and any “words” on the page I believe that this page has 35 items starting with the letter “G”. Have at it… 🙂

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…and here is “F”… I count 34 items beginning with the letter F (you can only count the Fiats once, though!). Enjoy!

Oh! Bonus: See if you can find the mis-spelling. 🙂

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New T-Shirt at “Blipshift”


Blipshift has picked up another of my “renders” and is offering it for sale for the next two days… if you want to be able to hang with the cool kids, this is a must have… 😉

These are available at www.blipshift.com/products/gullwinning

Back to the ABCs on Tuesday…

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“D and E”


I’m a little late posting this one… most naughty of me. You’ll likely want to click on this one to enlarge it to see as much as possible. I count 33 items in “D” and 15 in “E”. Enjoy!

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And here is “C”, I count 30 items, not including the 2 cars (Corvette and Cadillac). Enjoy!

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Alright… and here’s “B”. I count (including license plates, signage and all) 34 items starting with “B”.  (Click to see full size).

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This is something I started many, many moons ago, and have never quite finished. The idea was to come up with an “ABC” book based on automobiles and alliteration. I also wanted to try to populate the images with items that start with the letter… (in this case, “A). Some aren’t “hidden” (like the “Autobahn” sign), but others may be easy to overlook. There are 16 items hidden in this particular image.

I’ll be posting these letter by letter on Tuesdays. Spoiler alert… I’ve only “finished” to “J”, with sketches for K, L, and M. Let me know what you think (and find!). Enjoy!

P.S. The cars don’t count towards the 16 hidden items.

P. P. S. A sharp-eyed viewer has found another “A” item – so there are 17. Apologies – it’s been so long since I did “A” I’ve had to search the things myself!

P.P.P.S: Another found 18! 🙂

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British Car Day, 2017

Honda S600

yeah, I know – it’s a Honda S600. First one I’ve seen in the flesh – and where was it? Just at the end of the line of Deloreans beside a pristine S600 Coupé. They weren’t properly “displayed” as part of the show, but were somewhat cheekily parked just close enough to the action to be very much a part of everything.

Made my day.

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