1971 Airstream, Blue Mountain

A quick sketch of “Oscar” – a 25′ (guess) Airstream Land Yacht that Evelyn and I booked this past weekend (Hallowe’en). Oscar was parked on a farm on top of Blue Mountain. The weather, as it turned out, was awful – we hit solid cloud (well – fog) at Orangeville and it only got worse the further north we went. We spent two nights here, but it drizzled the whole time. Interestingly though, this was loads of fun. Our 11 year old Labrador ran around the property like a puppy, and I felt like… let’s change the language – ME felt like MAN coz built FIRE! Ha ha. First time I’ve split logs in 25 years. Most satisfying. Had a great time, visited Collingwood, Thornbury and Clarksburg (lots of art galleries) and hiked – in spite of the weather! Great time. Here’s the link to Oscar.

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Jaguar XJ220

A long awaited sketch from a brilliant show I went to about a month and a half ago. This was a show at the Canadian Heritage Warplane Museum in Hamilton, and it was a show dedicated to Jags, not planes, though Evelyn and I spent about half our time toddling through the amazing aircraft and watching the old planes taking off and landing with their paying customers… a brilliant day – made even more brilliant by this Jaguar XJ220 – I’ve seen one XJ220 in England and one in Canada – the Canadian one I had seen is a brilliant yellow and was at the last (2019) British Car Day – I’d taken shots of it but never got around to sketching it. This was a silver model, and was parked directly behind the self same yellow XJ220 (which I have excised from the sketch – along with much else to optimize the sketch). I’ve been working on a render of this, but it is taking oh – so long – and thus I give you the sketch. More to follow! 🙂

The rarity of these cars might be highlighted by the fact that I have seen two flying Lancasters – one when I was in my final year at the RCA and, having lunch one late April day on the open deck beside the RCA sandwich shop, saw a singles Lancaster, several Hurricanes and four Spitfires fly overhead heading southeast to Buckingham Palace to amuse the Queen – though I assure you, I, and my friends were likely far more excited. There is also a flying Lancaster out of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum – and it is (at the time of this writing) one of only two Lancasters flying worldwide. Go see it.

But – my point? I’ve seen two flying World War Two Bombers (the only ones in existence) and three XJ220s. This should give you an idea of the rarity of these cars – the number of cars manufactured – as far as I know – is 275. Rare indeed. But not as rare as the Lancaster!

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Casa Elora

A couple of weeks ago they shut down power in our condo for 4 consecutive days (!) due to electrical upgrades. Evelyn and I thus, scooted off to an Airbnb in Elora to wait it out. We stayed at “Casa Elora”, and it was brilliant… it is right downtown and looks over the Grand River and even has a balcony where you can sit with a drink and watch the river flow by… Many thanks to Jonathan, our Airbnb host for a brilliant stay in a lovely spot!

The pen sketch was done on the spot, across from the apartment, and Evelyn had brought along some pencil crayons, so I added some colour that evening.

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Joan Mir, World Champion

Joan Mir was the winner of the 2020 MotoGP season – he was also one of 5 riders to win their maiden race this season (more drawings to follow!). This is the first time that Suzuki has won the championship in 20 years, and I think that it’s safe to say that few were betting on this at the outset of the season. Many Congratulations to both Joan Mir and Suzuki on a well-deserved championship!.

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I have been remiss

This is a Porsche Carrera 6 that I saw at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. This is one of those vehicles that one can only stand back and gaze at in awe, a true representation of what metal, alloy and fibre can be fashioned into that that leaves one gobsmacked and awestruck.

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Mercedes 300SL Prototype


This is a prototype of the Mercedes Benz 300SL at the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart. There are some noticeable differences from the 300Sl as released, but they are subtle. This took much longer for me to do than usual as I wanted to capture the colours of the car, and it was really unusual in that the car is “silver” but in the environment, it kind of glowed with a strange coppery colour. Tricky to catch.

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Lightweight E-Type

Jag lightweight

When I arrived in London in 2004, I had ensured that I would have a little more than 3 weeks to settle in prior to my Masters course beginning, in order that I could toddle around and visit places I’d been before as well as discover the new to me. One of my first visits was to the Design Museum on Butler’s Wharf just east of Tower Bridge (I believe it has been moved now) and as luck would have it, they had a collection of Jaguars on display, including a D-Type, a Series 1 E-Type CoupĂ©, A Series 1 E-Type Convertible, the last Series III E-Type that came off the production line, as well, of course, as this lovely Series 1 lightweight E-Type. I spent longer in the Museum than I had intended. 🙂

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Rothmans Porsche


This was a nice surprise. The pub I used to frequent in London (it was a good pub and very close to the RCA) was called “The Queen’s Arms”, and right across the road from it was a place called “Coy’s of Kensington” which sold classic, exotic and sports cars. One evening I headed out for a pint and this was sitting in front of the pub, lightly spotted with the drizzle that was falling, awaiting it’s move into the shop. Not the sort of car you’d expect to see in Kensington… 🙂

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Another car from Nick Mason’s Ten Tenths Collection. This was a beautiful Ferrari 250GTO that was up on jackstands being worked on. The GTO was between a couple of Bugattis and a Dark Green Ferrari 512BB. A great place to spend an afternoon.

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Maserati 250F


More from Nick Mason’s Ten Tenths collection… This is a Maserati 250F – I don’t know the exact provenance but these cars were driven in F1 by the likes (amongst many others of Juan Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss. The 250F raced from 1954 until 1960. One of the brilliant things about Ten Tenths collection is that many of the cars in the stable are raced regularly. This one obviously had been and had just as obviously been in a shunt – nothing too serious by the look of it – but enough to have to “undress” it. I’d seen a 250F in the Donnington Collection but I found this far more interesting. The brake drums are incredibly complex and sculptural, and getting to see all of the mechanicals was brilliant – although rather time consuming when drawing and rendering this!

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