I am a Professor of Automotive and Industrial Design at Humber College in Toronto Canada. When not in the classroom, I sketch, paint or build models of cars and bikes.  In the past I have worked as an Automotive Designer (at Ford Europe in Köln, Germany), as a freelance industrial designer and as an art director and production artist for companies such as Bates Canada and Grey Canada. I have been teaching design full time since 2007, but like to “keep my hand in” with paintings, sketches and various projects. My focus tends to be automotive and particularly motorsport related subjects, but I also love to sketch architecture.  The intent of this blog is to force myself to sketch with greater regularity – something that my schedule tends to mitigate against.

Find me on Instagram @thomsonstudio

Find me on Behance at behance.net/thomsonstudio where, aside from my paintings, I also share some of my design models and detail the model-making process.

Follow me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/thomsonstudio.

8 Responses to About

  1. graham says:

    Hey Bruce, just reading your blog for first time. Grammar mistake ” this blog is to is to force”. Rest looks really good. When are we meeting up for drinks???


  2. Hello Bruce, just found your site and have been looking back through the blog – great work. Looking forward to seeing what comes next. All the best, Stefan


    • Hi Stefan – Thanks for taking a look at the blog… was very jealous to see you got the chance to hang around New Forest Classic and sketch E Types! Lovely sketches too… especially loved the sketch/painting of the 4.2 litre engine.

      Keep up the good work! Look forward to seeing more – cheers – Bruce


  3. Hey Bruce,
    Great stuff! Specially drawn to the recent integrale sketch being an owner of one myself. Unbelievable how you came up with the blob shape that connects the upper and lower half of the fender arches. So cool. Keep it up.
    Regards, Raymond


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