Embarrassing Datsun…

Embarrassing Datsun...

This is my first go at using a new program and interface (Sketchbook Pro and Wacom Cintiq) and the results are… well… you can see it… ! I stopped myself at 3 hours of work on this… and was tempted to improve it through photoshop but resisted the urge.

I find it astonishing that I could use such a modern program and interface and come up with an image that looks so dated! 🙂 Oh well. Will be trying more experiments with this program to familiarize myself with it. It’s a steep learning curve, but I do enjoy the pen/tablet interface.

2 thoughts on “Embarrassing Datsun…

  1. Bruce: Spoke with a potential client downtown yesterday over lunch and he ssays he’s very disappointed in teh extent to which tablets mimic the feel of using tools, so he’s going to recommend going back to manual techniques for fast generation of idea work. Cheers! Ken B


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