Villa Angolino, Radda



A pen sketch of the lovely Villa that we stayed in in Tuscany. The Villa was just outside a small, ancient, hilltop village (Radda in Chianti) and was surrounded by vineyards. A pen sketch, by it’s nature, doesn’t really do it justice…

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8 Responses to Villa Angolino, Radda

  1. Extremely jealous. Went to Italy on a student trip after high school in 2001. Have missed it ever since. Great drawings.


    • Ahh.. it was fun – trouble is, I had to come back! 😉


      cheers – B

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      • Strange turn of events. My in-laws went to Europe (Spain) for the first time a couple weeks ago. They loved it so much, we will be joining them on a cruise visiting Spain, Monaco!!, and several spots in Italy!. Admittedly, probably the least authentic European experience, but should be an amazing experience nonetheless. My dream is still to rent a villa in Ferrari territory for a few weeks, once in my life.

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      • Tuscany is the place then – it’s only about an hours drive to Maranello – which forces you to rent a car and drive some of the lovely Apennine roads… ! 🙂


  2. southerntree says:

    May not do the place justice but still love these landscape sketches Bruce!

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  3. Happy to see you liked these great things of Italy 🙂

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