Cadillac Cyclone Concept, viewed at the 2015 CIAS

Cadillac Cyclone

Saw this at the 2015 Canadian International auto show. Incredible car. I’ve got it listed as a 1959/1964 as apparently the concept had much bigger fins in it’s original incarnation, but in 1964, they cut the fins back to be more in line with the tastes of the time. This is an extraordinary car, and I can only imagine the effect it would have had on a viewer 50+ years ago. I had thought it was just a concept mock up, but at the end of the show (I was running a booth at the show for my school) as we were knocking down the booth they started the car up and sedately drove it by… incredible. How I wish Cadillac had built this…

4 thoughts on “Cadillac Cyclone Concept, viewed at the 2015 CIAS

  1. Those were the days Bruce huh? Back when show cars could actually be driven under their own power LOL. I don’t know how comfortable I would have been being in the vicinity of the Ford Nuclear Car Project when they fired that baby up though, probably not as dangerous as say the nuclear loli-pops of the 20’s and 30’s but still. I have a feeling the exhaust portal wouldn’t of been a good location to spend much time LOL.

    Beautiful sketch as always though, thanks for sharing 🙂



  2. Bruce,

    Seu trabalho é muito interessante. Não me canso de admirar seu talento. Quando tiver um tempo, nos presenteie com mais alguns F-1



    1. Thanks Marcelonso – I’ll try to get some more F1 stuff on there in the next month… sorry the blogs been so “slow” lately – I’ve been very busy – cheers – Bruce


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