Tiny Pub, Ghent


A Tiny Pub in the lovely city of Ghent. Sadly, I had no time to stop for a beer here (and the pub was packed, besides).

Now – the pub was three stories tall – but I’m guessing I could have jumped and touched the middle pane of the second story window – and I have a student who graduated 2 years ago who could have jumped and touched the base of the third story (no kidding – seen him do it – he’d coil up , jump, get higher than I could imagine and then – mid-air – uncoil and stretch another metre…. inevitably, my pathetic response [as a 47 year old at the time] was “do it again!!!!!).

The drawing doesn’t truly show how small this place was – but the width of the building would have been about 2.5 metres, and the door height on the ground floor was likely 1.75metres… I wanted a beer to see if it was smaller (like the pub) or larger in compensation… 🙂

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