Lancia Evo – Italian Car Day, 2015

Lancia Evo

Another car from Italian car day. I think I’ve met this bloke before, at “Cars and Coffee” (there can’t be that many red Lancia Evo HFs around Toronto…), but I didn’t see him at Italian car day – just the car. Looked even better sitting on the grass, beside a bronze Lancia Beta Monte Carlo with a couple of Ferrari 308s behind…

I do like this car. That’s a bit odd, I suppose, as it’s not really in my preferred age range… I generally enter “1960 to 1979” when I am searching classic cars, and these started, I think, in about 90 or 91… they’re kind of “basic” looking in some ways – typical front engined 3 door cars… but there is just enough going on here… the slightly proud bulges above the wheels, the very subtle rear “winglet” above the back window and the excessive inlets in the nose – oh – and of course the power bulge in the hood.. I do like these. This one has a lovely interior – sadly – most of these that come up for sale have an interior that looks like this;    – very 80s….

2 thoughts on “Lancia Evo – Italian Car Day, 2015

  1. No the Integrale isn’t pretty but it has its own style. Sort of like the solid, serious Italian bodyguards you might see around someone important. You know the type, they’re wearing a suit but the arms are tight and the guy has a neck like drain barrel.
    Sorry to see the Alfa with a prang but you could get behind there, take the light out and probably take the curse off it with a little judicious force.
    Maybe ask the guy with the suit to give you a hand….


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