Last day in Penang…


…and a belated Merry Christmas!

Headed off to Kuala Lumpur shortly after drawing this and have been preoccupied with family, preparations for and recovery from Christmas since. This is a view of Lebuh Chulia drawn from the Chulia Court Tavern. Good timing for the sketch, too, when I sat down to draw it was hot and sunny, mid drawing it began to pour  rain (in a way it only does in the tropics) and by the time I was finished it was sunny again.

More soon from either Kajang or Malacca.

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One Response to Last day in Penang…

  1. blogger says:

    Thank you for your drawing!

    Please don’t forget to check o next time:ur gues house

    355,357&359, Lebuh Chulia 10200 Pulau Pinang
    04-261 3809

    Welcome anytime!


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