Volvo Mystery Car, Malaysia


I came across this car in a covered parking lot in Penang, Malaysia.I recognized it immediately for a P1800, but as I approached it, noticed that it was missing the chrome flourish down the side and the “fins” on the rear end (red line, in the drawing). I looked at it closely and there was no evidence of obvious bodywork, so I presumed that this was a later model of the P1800 of which I wan’t aware that didn’t have those details, and endeavoured to look into it when I had access to the web.

When I checked, it seemed that this model doesn’t exist – at least – I couldn’t find it. I wished I’d taken a closer look and better photos of it , but if memory serves, the paint job was an old one (slightly crazed and lightly cracking in places). It seems an odd thing to have done – remove the most distinctive part of the car at what must have been great expense if in fact it is bodywork…

Any suggestions? Clues? Any Volvo experts out there who recognize this?

7 thoughts on “Volvo Mystery Car, Malaysia

  1. IF a previous – perhaps original – owner chopped it, and if the line as drawn is accurate, I can imagine it looked more modern at the time. The fins are jaunty, but have a sense of late 50s to mid 60s about them. The rear line as you have drawn it looks more late 60s to early seventies and mimics the rear haunches of European and also Japanses sports cars of the latter period. I could see in that shape a bit of 275 and 365 GTB, some 240 Z, perhaps a little post-DB6 Aston Martin, perhaps even a bit of Opel? It’s a sort of street-friendly version of the C-type and AC/Shelby rear arch extrusion. Racy and sophisticated rather than jet-aged finned. Possibly not so strange in context of its time? Also, Malaya is a bit doolally.

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    1. Yeah – actually it was a pretty good look – and I think did look a little more modern… I may do a sketch from the back too as it shows it more clearly. I think the odd thing is that if you bought that car, the odd lines probably appealed to you… I’d love to know the story behind this…


    1. Ha! Wow – even the same colour…I have to say, I really do like the look of it sans fins and chrome. Thanks for the response Mark – fascinating to see theres more than one out there!

      cheers – Bruce


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