Volvo Amazon, Penang, Malaysia


This was supposed to have been a “quick” photoshop sketch, but I fear I got a little carried away. I think one of my problems with photoshop is the “zoom” tool – in that I tend to work at 3 or 400%, which means that while there is a nice “sketchiness” at that size, when reduced to size as all of that (or most) is lost. Next time I’ll try working only at size as… I think I overused the “smudge” tool too – especially in the “drapery”.

I was a little surprised by Malaysia -I was expecting far more “classic” cars – after all – they don’t have the winters we do. Interestingly though, the only really old cars I saw (and these were few and far between) were Volvos and Mercedes. Then it dawned on me – this is really not a country for convertibles or cars without AC… it’s simply too hot. The owner of this car had it partially covered – possibly to keep it cool, but I also heard it was to avoid it getting constantly photographed – there is a well known image of a Yellow Amazon taken against a wall in Penang, and it may be that this was getting too much attention.

Didn’t stop me from taking a shot though… 🙂

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