1934 MG P-Type


We were driving from London to Wiltshire a week ago Tuesday and stopped for lunch at a Pub called The Three Horseshoes in a village called “Thursley”. The Pub was great – good food, real cask ales, but more interestingly this was parked out front. At first I thought it was an MG TA, but I met the owner and found out it was a 1934 MG P-Type – something I’d not heard of before. The car was pristine, with a sort of pea green colour body and dark green fenders and bonnet; a lovely combination. This car was tiny – probably about 1.3 metres wide – perfect for the narrow English roads that run through a village such as this.


2 thoughts on “1934 MG P-Type

  1. Utterly gorgeous, but requires an inter-war RAF pilot with an extremely silly moustache and some banter to complete the scene. His name is fairly likely to be Bunty.


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