A 1963 split window Corvette, and this one is actually manual! (A four speed). Liked it, but wasn’t too sure about the colour and the mods. I mean – it’s a split window Vette – they only made these for a single year! It’s like finding a flat floor E type that someone thought needed fender flares and and a 426 Hemi…

I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to this stuff, which is one opinion, but I have to say that, in spite of the colour, this was kinda cool. #conflicted. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Vette

  1. The ’63 split window is a classic and a nice choice for a sketch, which is nicely executed. I am not overly crazy about those mods either, and the colour is just wrong for period, but that shape remains the finest Corvette silhouette, IMO. The scoops and such, if needed, should be on a ’67 big block. The basic shape of the ’63 coupe is marvelously simple. We see a few around here. One in midnight blue is especially lovely. Almost all those we see are manuals.

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