Kleine Scheidegg


The Hotel at Kleine Scheidegg, Switzerland with the Eiger Nordwand behind. I’ve read so much about this place in books like “The White Spider” and “The Eiger Sanction”, that it was quite strange to be sitting there and taking in this view that I never thought I’d see…

2 thoughts on “Kleine Scheidegg

  1. Were you seized with a sudden desire to assassinate anyone? It’s surprising how much the Coloradans have tried to replicate this sort of look in some of their ski resorts.


  2. He he… Trust me, that book was never far from my mind when I was there. The Swiss have done an amazing job of preserving their architecture. Any new architecture (at least in resorts like Grindelwald, Wengen and Kleine Scheidegg) is incredibly sensitive to the existing architecture and landscape.


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