In the same sketchbook (circa 1985) that I found the Tower of London (previous post) I found this – and I find this vastly amusing.

I remember staying in this Youth Hostel back in early July of 1985 – I’ve said that it is in “Leuven” – but it was not – it was rural, definitely outside of Leuven. Why is this amusing to me? My sister-in-law and her family live in Leuven and thus we are frequent visitors there. I had completely forgotten about this place, but have tried (since re-acquainting myself with this sketchbook) through various searches and search methods to see if I could locate this youth hostel/farmhouse but I have not been successful; Leuven has grown, I have no idea of how close (or far) this is from Leuven or indeed, what direction it was in relation to the city, and of course, it is almost certain that this place is no longer a hostel.

Still, I find it hilarious to imagine that I, as a feckless youth toddled around so closely to my soon-to-be brother in law (who would have been a mere 8 or so years old at the time).

Worst, looking at this sketch, I fear my drawing style has not evolved as I might have wished it would. “sigh”.

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