Porsche 914, Watkins Glen


I drove down to Watkins Glen last week and visited the old F1 track for the first time. The area is beautiful and the drive from the interstate alongside Seneca lake was lovely. I had the convertible hood of the Alfa down and got a sunburn.

I was visiting some friends at the Glen and they were doing a couple of track days there. The track days were organized by Porsche, and thus most of the cars there were P-cars, and most of those were of the newer GT3/GT4 variety, though there were exceptions, and this was one of them. This was a 70s vintage 914 in what I guess to be “signal orange”. This car was running a flat 6 engine which must have made it very interesting to track, indeed.

7 thoughts on “Porsche 914, Watkins Glen

  1. It is worth noting that the owner, Sue, has been teaching HPDE and racing at the club level with Porsche since the company and club began both endeavours in the early eighties. She, her late husband Dale, and their car so nicely represented here are legends in the community. Sue is also one of the loveliest people – representative of the best spirit of PCA.


  2. Incidentally, while it was once thought of as a bastard child, the 914 is every inch a Porsche. Slinging around The Glen in a 914-6 is as thrilling as doing so in any Cayman or Boxster. Low to the ground and seemingly as wide as it is long, they handle with great aplomb. There is possibly more reason for the values of these to have risen than for the 911 bubble.


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