Sketch/painting Venice

Venice gondolas

I’ve ignored paintings since working on a piece of Fernando Alonso winning the European Grand Prix of Valencia in a Ferrari. This seemed to be the perfect subject – and I had all the reference and this painting was going to be GREAT. It wasn’t. I worked and worked. I painted gesso over half the painting and tried again. But the more I worked the worse it got.

I sketched a lot after this, 🙂

Evelyn has been bugging me to paint (clever woman) and so I took on a couple of smaller projects – the above is from a shot I took in Venice (bet you couldn’t tell, eh?) back in 2014. It’s small… about 30 x 15 cm – which was a mistake – the smaller painting take as long as a larger painting because of the detail – but it was a good way to work myself back in…

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