F1 Concepts

F1 Concept Development

This is not the usual thing I would display, as I don’t consider it “finished” or “presentable”. However, this is the basis for a fifth scale model I will be making over the summer, and I thought that this might be interesting to display for that reason. The top two drawings are “top” and “side” elevation and were used to establish the idea, and the lower drawing is a perspective view, constructed with more care than usual as it is meant to inform during the model-making stage. There is still much to develop with regard to this concept, but this will be the base.

F1 concept rear Bruce Thomson

Some more work on the F1 car – trying to establish some of the “less seen” elements like the rear diffuser and suspension. Trying to keep these minimal as I want the design to rely less on aero than is now the case. Trying also to establish a “sculptural” aesthetic that mates nicely with the mechanical aspect of the car – which is tricky…

F1 concept 3 Bruce Thomson

These are always a little tricky to do, because the whole point is to establish detail for reference and consideration – but in concentrating on the detail you can easily lose sight of the “bigger picture” – I think I may have done so here – the body looks a little “deep”, and the nose a tad short. Still – it’s helped me establish some character to the vehicle.

F1 Concept 4 Thomson

Another view. I’m trying to sketch this from as many points of views as possible in order to familiarize myself with it and to ensure I can keep it regulated from view to view…

One thought on “F1 Concepts

  1. Is this car what you envision as ‘the car of the future’? IMO F! cars have too much ‘wetted surface’. Each square millimeter of wetted surface slows the car.
    The ‘slipperiest’ shape in nature is the rain drop. America’s Cup boats were designed with this hull shape in mind. Now of course ‘Cats’ have replaced mono hulls.
    I’d like to see what you’d come up with an F1 design based on the rain drop. ‘Pointy end’ being the back of the car naturally. Check your email.


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