Fangio, Maserati

Fangio, Maserati

Juan manuel Fangio driving the legendary Maserati 250F. Astonishingly, different versions of this car competed in F1 from 1954 to 1960… 7 years – most cars today last (as distinct “designs, or iterations) for about 3 races… how times have changed.

Fangio won 2 championships with this car – but this comes with an huge asterisk – he won in 1957, winning 4 races from 7, finishing 2nd twice and retiring once – but in 1954 he won the first 2 races of the season in a 250F as a “freelancer” before joining Mercedes Benz at their inaugural race at the French GP.

I have to “abbreviate” my sketching style — I tend to take too much “care” (I guess this comes from using sketches as preparation for paintings) – anyway – these take too long – not a problem, perhaps, on the weekend…but other days?

Prepare yourself for economical pen strokes in the near future…

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