Maserati 250F

More from Nick Mason’s Ten Tenths collection… This is a Maserati 250F – I don’t know the exact provenance but these cars were driven in F1 by the likes (amongst many others of Juan Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss. The 250F raced from 1954 until 1960. One of the brilliant things about Ten Tenths collectionContinue reading “Maserati 250F”

Marker Renderings

A couple of marker renderings done for a marker rendering tutorial for some of my students last week. I always find these a little tough as I don’t do much marker rendering anymore, so the first couple always seem to come out rubbish… these weren’t the first couple – you don’t get to see thoseContinue reading “Marker Renderings”

Campo Santa Margherita, Venice

  This was the first sketch I did on the trip to Italy… I think the lack of practice shows! Still – it was a surprisingly tricky sketch as all the buildings across the “square” were slightly off kilter from one another which made for a slightly shifting perspective. A sketch in Venice – and noContinue reading “Campo Santa Margherita, Venice”

E Type Painting colour test

You might remember a pencil sketch of this I did a couple of months back, though at that time, it was just the car… I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a series of paintings in this vein – E-Type, 2000GT, 280SL, Stingray, 250GT Spyder… all of them clean side views and all ofContinue reading “E Type Painting colour test”