Lotus 23

Lotus 23

…drew this from a photo I took at the British Car Day in Bronte Provincial Park this past Sunday – don’t know that I have ever seen a car so “low”- if you lose the roll bar it’s only slightly above knee height… amazing.

2 thoughts on “Lotus 23

  1. Thank you very much Bruce for sketching my car. I am a bit of an artist myself but have never thought of doing one of my car. My son happened to find your sketch while he was passing some time on the computer. I have been fortunate to have found a very nice “panning” shot taken by Mr B R Murphy on Flicker but have not been able to contact him and thank him. I tried to get my daughter to take a similar shot with little success. It took me over 30 years to finally get to build/restore that car the way I wanted it and it adds greatly to the enjoyment of ownership when someone else appreciates it as well, let alone draws it !
    Thanks Again
    Robert Szakonyi


  2. Hi Robert! What a surprise! Who would have thought you would have stumbled across the drawing 🙂 .

    It was my pleasure sketching it… she’s a beauty… I probably still have the original somewhere (I’m in the middle of packing for a move) – if you’d like it you’re welcome to it. I fear it may simply be ballpoint pen on typing paper, but I can take a look for it if you want.

    If not I’ll no doubt see you in September at British Car day again! Cheers Bruce


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