Austin Healey Sprite

Austin Healey Sprite

Another sketch from this year’s British car day. This was a lovely off-white/cream 1959 bug-eye sprite.

3 thoughts on “Austin Healey Sprite

  1. So cool that you posted an Austin Healey Sprite. In fact, a ’59 Sprite was my father’s first car. As the story goes, a family friend of my grandparents won the Sprite in some sort of contest. Whoever won it preferred cash over the car. So, after putting just a few miles on it, he sold it to my grandparents who gave it to my dad as a gift.

    My father recalls that it cornered hard enough to lift two wheels off the ground if you took a tight corner just right. Anyway, it’s cool you drew this, as I have a personal attachment to the car. Although my father’s sprite was long-since gone (by the end of college, I think the gearbox and the top broke at the same time, and my father couldn’t afford to fix it), I hope to one day restore a Sprite of my own.


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