TR3, British Car Day


A very pretty TR3 I saw at the British car Day. Love these cars. My Dad had one, but it was before I was born. I’ve seen pictures of my elder sister as a baby sitting in the car. My Father’s was white with a Prussian blue racing stripe. This one was signal red…

I’ve been driven in one of these once – it’s a very odd feeling, you’re so exposed. The door cutaway comes down below your belt buckle, and as my father used to say, should you wish, you could lean out of the car and file your nails on the road…

2 thoughts on “TR3, British Car Day

  1. Lovely drawing Bruce,

    We just bought a ’60 TR3 and are currently rewiring the entire car. They can still be found at a decent price. In many ways it’s like a baby xk120.

    We hope to have it at next years British car day. Hope you are well,


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