A big thank you and slow clap…


… to the person who dented my Alfa.

I suppose that this is the problem with caring about the things one owns. I was out with a friend for beers the other week and we were talking about the value in acting as a “steward” for items like this, the fact that preserving an historic implement is a reward in itself but also a service of sorts.

Now – I imagine that the owner of the SUV or minivan (judging by the dent height) who hit me in a parking lot and crumpled in the drivers side sidelight had no such pride in their vehicle and worse, apparently, the inability to avoid driving it into my car while entering or exiting (or, most likely, both) the parking spot.

It goes without saying that, having cluelessly backed up into my car, they wiped the excess drool from their slack, gaping lips and uttered a vaguely surprised and unconcerned “oof” before pulling forward, eyeing the resultant damage in their rear view mirror before courageously buggering off safe in the knowledge that any damage to their own vehicle was simply another tribute to their ineptitude and lack of concern, and that that the sports car they’d pranged had the appearance of something that someone cared about and would be expensive to fix, justifying their heroic withdrawal.

I do care about this car a great deal, and have sunk a good deal of money and effort into its care and improvement since my purchase of it in May. It is an expensive car to own (in the sense that it is not a daily driver, must be stored in winters, comes at a premium due to it’s age and condition and requires specialized and attentive care to retain it in its present condition). It is even more expensive now that some slack-jawed, drooling cretin has punted it leaving me to deal with the results of their inability to drive well and their lack of concern for other peoples valued property.

Karma? All I can say is I sincerely hope so….

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