2016 Williams F1 Concept

2016 Williams

I liked last year’s Williams, but was surprised at just how “white” the car was – when you’ve got a great brand and logo like Martini/Martini racing, my argument would be to use it to best effect. With that in mind, is this a bit “overdone”?

5 thoughts on “2016 Williams F1 Concept

  1. GPevolved here. I don’t think it’s overdone at all. In fact, I find it to be rather consistent with the liveries of rally cars in years gone by. These are always great, thanks for posting!


  2. Bruce,

    Parabéns pelo brilhante trabalho. Todos os “conceitos” estão espetaculares! A meu ver, melhores que os oficiais.

    Se você me permite, vou divulga-los no blog.

    grande abraço


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