Microcar Front 3/4 View (Tutorial)

Just finished up the second video in my tutorial series. The challenge in the drawing this time is to sketch the car from a front angle in two-point perspective.  I am still working on the micro car. Here’s a photo of the end result. and, here’s the tutorial. If you have questions or feedback, leaveContinue reading “Microcar Front 3/4 View (Tutorial)”

2015 McLaren MP4-30 F1 Concept

I don’t really think that McLaren will go with their orange livery – but I wish they would! Telefonica/Movistar? An educated guess – but who knows? I’m generally happy with this although orange is a difficult colour to deal with from a digital perspective (for me, anyway) and this has come off a little moreContinue reading “2015 McLaren MP4-30 F1 Concept”

Marker Renderings

A couple of marker renderings done for a marker rendering tutorial for some of my students last week. I always find these a little tough as I don’t do much marker rendering anymore, so the first couple always seem to come out rubbish… these weren’t the first couple – you don’t get to see thoseContinue reading “Marker Renderings”