Bultaco Metralla… in situ

Bultaco Metralla

My friend, Gerald, is an inspiration to all of us… not only does he have (quite literally) hundreds of motorcycles in various states of repair and disrepair (mostly the latter) , but he has a lovely vintage Bultaco Metralla in his dining room. Yes. In his dining room.

I visited recently and took loads of shots of his shop to sketch from, but this is, I think, the pièce de résistance… while the rest of us mediate discussions of the necessity, or not, of more pillows for the sofa, Gerald has a Bultaco Metralla in his dining room. Sigh. Evelyn rightly points out (with ill-disguised relief) that as we live in a condo, there is no possibility of me taking such liberties… but I wonder – if not a full motorcycle, why not just an old  BSA engine to put in the spare bathroom? Failing that, how about an old Briggs and Stratton lawnmower engine for the kitchen?


12 thoughts on “Bultaco Metralla… in situ

  1. I know just how you feel Bruce, for years I had my practice bike engine (CZ380) in my living room. Say what you will but that beauty was art in the most wonderful way…. Cheers, and love your stuff, Rick


  2. I love the Metrala from when i was a kid. Every day, when I was going to school, I was looking at the shop who was selling Bulto, and the guy was exposing the 250 and 350 he was using for Hillclimbing .. it was my dream, absolutly untouchable .. finger on for your friend !! I love that .. and your draft is splendid

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    1. Thanks Fidel! He keeps this one in his dining room as mentioned – later will be sketching a “Metralla” that he’s building in his basement – really a “faux-tralla” as only the engine and tank are Bultaco… a neat project though…


      1. a lot of race Metralla was with special chassis .. hope he will enjoy the job (big) he will do to built it 😉
        and lot was build around Matador Cross 250 motors !!


  3. a pic of my fav driver when I was kid, Alain Renouf. He was generaly driving a Commando Guskhun at that time, and for this pic he was In front of the shop of Paris, the seller of Bultaco I was speaking just before .. (it’s in Nice, South of France)
    old time ..


  4. Ah,brilliant. As a Metralla owner I am always keen to further the good name of Bultaco. I liked to sketch odds & ends at school,but was not much good. I called myself–Looney Prods–a knee & the moon as a sign off. Would you like to see what you could make of the moon & a knee ? Regards,John.


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