More stuff from the basement of wonders…

The rear hub of a Bultaco Metralla… well – a bit of a “Faux-taco Metralla”. Or would that be “Bultaco Faux-tralla”?  Gerald is building a Metralla he can ride and park regularly without concern, and thus, rather than making a stock bike, is cobbling bits together from different sources, while keeping the appearance of the original. Can’tContinue reading “More stuff from the basement of wonders…”

Bultaco Metralla… in situ

My friend, Gerald, is an inspiration to all of us… not only does he have (quite literally) hundreds of motorcycles in various states of repair and disrepair (mostly the latter) , but he has a lovely vintage Bultaco Metralla in his dining room. Yes. In his dining room. I visited recently and took loads ofContinue reading “Bultaco Metralla… in situ”