Bultaco 360 Astro engine

<Bultaco Astro

From Gerald’s basement, again. A wealth of sketching opportunity there… 🙂

Click to enlarge. Am trying to remember to futz with the HTML so this works.

9 thoughts on “Bultaco 360 Astro engine

  1. Oh my golly Bruce..you’re starting to get serious about your sketching. Keep on concentrating on those details, and the proportion of each to its neighbours..and remember those machine textures!
    Very fine indeed! Ken Bowes.

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    1. Very nice work Phillipe!

      Looked over your work and think it’s great. Especially like the Porsche Abarth Motor and the Barquette BMW.

      My method? In terms of the Bultaco engine, I simply photographed the engine in my friend’s basement, and then drew it from the file on my computer. In this drawing I worked in Verithin Pencil (very hard leaded colour pencil) and then scanned it. Of course, different drawings are handled differently, some are plein air, some from photos and of course others photoshop.

      I also liked your Mercedes W196 drawing. You have really good line work and a good eye for presentation. Really enjoy your work. Thanks for your comment.

      I had planed to write this en français, but, toutes mes excuses, mon français est pauvre et canadienne… 🙂

      Cheers – Bruce


      1. Bonjour, je vous réponds en français. Merci pour vos encouragements. Je suis à la retraite et je reprends mes crayons 35 ans après les avoir posé pour me lancer dans la création d’une agence de communication. Depuis ce temps la technologie a avancé et je profite de la convivialité de mon Ipad pro et Procrate. J’ai une Wacom 24 HD Touch mais je suis incapable de dessiner avec, trop de latence et de parallaxe entre le stylet et le trait. J’adore votre traité de sketching. Je travail sur plusieurs sujets : les Morgan, les vieilles Porsche, les moteurs et les motos vintage et puis tout ce qui peut éveiller mon oeil… J’ai une vieille Coccinelle cabriolet de 1971 de couleur jaune (d’origine) je l’adore… J’ai mis un lien vers votre site.
        Vous habitez au Canada ? Bonne continuation A bientôt Philippe

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      2. Hi Philippe,

        Yeah – I prefer pencil and pen too. I also have a Wacom, and though I’ve done a little work on it, I too have problems with the parallax issue, and though I don’t mind Sketchbook Pro, I find myself more comfortable in Photoshop, using a mouse, when I sketch and render. Old habits die hard, I suppose.

        I used to have a 1971 Mercedes 220 4 speed in dark green – loved that car, but sold it a couple of years ago and picked up a 1976 Alfa Romeo Spider. It’s white, and comes with the unattractive rubber bumpers that North America started getting in 1975 – so that’s something I’ll have to change…

        Oh – and I’m in Toronto. I do enjoy your work – and will be keeping track – keep it up – et bonne chance!

        Cheers – Bruce


      3. Bonjour
        J’ai mis une surprise pour vous dans la rubrique moto de mon website.
        A bientôt


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