TR6, Toronto Spring Classic Car Auction

A 1974 TR6 from the Classic Car Auction at the international Centre. This one purports to be a “barn find”, and kinda looked like it – paint had lost its gloss and was liberally chipped, overall appearance was tired. The passenger side rocker was oddly recessed under the door and gaps weren’t great. When you’re talking about something as common as a TR6, I’m unsure of why the admission that the car was forgotten in a barn (or more likely a drafty garage) by some neglectful owner for many years is supposed to stimulate a prospective buyer’s covetous instincts  … I suppose I can see it if you’re talking about something of real rarity – but a TR6? Ah well. I suspect that this one was on the road longer than it was in a barn because it was unusual for people to take off the bumper over-riders back when these were new. The car was an unusual colour – sort of a red wine maroon… mind you, the fading and general condition of the paint may have altered it meaningfully from its original state. Will be interested to see what this goes for.

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