Bricklin, Toronto Spring Classic Car Auction


A Bricklin. Who’d have thought? Can’t remember the last time I saw one of these…This wasn’t in the best of shape and  I don’t say that merely because the passenger side mirror was nesting on the bonnet. It was missing the drivers side door card, and the interior looked very tired (and very 70s… mmm, champagne velour). The gaps were… well, shocking – but that may have been the way it came from the factory. The door worked though. I’ve never opened one of these – it’s operated by a small black rocker switch behind the door, push and the door hisses obligingly (if jerkily)  up, press the lower part of the switch and it flops down and closes with an unconvincing “plop”. The exterior was in reasonably good shape (gaps and mirror aside) but the colour was… eww – a kind of faded peachy-beige.

This is a very odd design… it’s remarkably “chunky” looking, but is really quite narrow, which is an odd combination. I can’t help but feel that Triumph referenced this car when styling their TR7 which came out a year after this.

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3 Responses to Bricklin, Toronto Spring Classic Car Auction

  1. Banango says:

    I see a couple here on the Island quite often. They looked cooler in their own time, of which they were ahead at least in styling terms. I still cannot dislike them. There is something basically right in the shape if not the proportions, and it isn’t as if Canada hasn’t been home to some genuinely fine so-called kit makers. Sad the government there seems intent on killing the industry once and for all when it ought to encourage it.

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  2. Like the DeLorean, it’s one of the “almost” cars. Don’t know if I’d want one but it’s interesting to consider what “could have been”.


  3. Lovely illustration, BTW…


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