E-Type, Toronto Spring Classic Car Auction

Jaguar E at CC

This was a very nice Series 1 and a half E type, British racing green with a black interior. The 1 and a half Es have the newer unfaired headlamps, but still have the small tail lights that sit  above the bumpers.  The car was very solid and appeared to be rust free. The paint was cracked and starred in places which made it look slightly tatty, but I suspect that it would require touch ups rather than a full on paint job. I looked it up recently on their site, and this car went for $82,000, which is actually, in the present environment, a reasonably good price.

I’ve always found these cars very difficult to draw. Oh – and that’s an old T-Bird in the background.

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3 Responses to E-Type, Toronto Spring Classic Car Auction

  1. fidelecastor says:

    my fav car ! y first ever Dinky


  2. Banango says:

    This is what you came up with for my daughter’s birthday? Another E-type?! You know she likes McLarens. Was there not a single McLaren there? Not some unloved and ignored F1 in the corner? The Jag looks nice. I like the minimalism you have extruded from its basic form.


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