Moto Guzzi Sketches

MotoGuzzi 850

Ages ago (2014 I think) – I did a sketch for a friend of a Moto Guzzi 850 for a friend of his (inset sketch, lower left) . I was looking for some larger paper to sketch on recently and found these sketches that I had forgotten in a large sketch block I had unpacked from my recent move. I’m amused to see that, obviously, I had imagined that a lower viewpoint of the bike would be better, but later chose the (better, I think) higher view so that I could show some background. You can see the quick proto-sketch for what would be the final at the top,

2 thoughts on “Moto Guzzi Sketches

  1. I am that friend, and never been so appreciative of you Bruce, to give this beautiful piece to my friend and his father whom own the bike. Thank you again and again.

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