Joan Mir, World Champion

Joan Mir was the winner of the 2020 MotoGP season – he was also one of 5 riders to win their maiden race this season (more drawings to follow!). This is the first time that Suzuki has won the championship in 20 years, and I think that it’s safe to say that few were bettingContinue reading “Joan Mir, World Champion”

Moto Guzzi Sketches

Ages ago (2014 I think) – I did a sketch for a friend of a Moto Guzzi 850 for a friend of his (inset sketch, lower left) . I was looking for some larger paper to sketch on recently and found these sketches that I had forgotten in a large sketch block I had unpackedContinue reading “Moto Guzzi Sketches”

More stuff from the basement of wonders…

The rear hub of a Bultaco Metralla… well – a bit of a “Faux-taco Metralla”. Or would that be “Bultaco Faux-tralla”?  Gerald is building a Metralla he can ride and park regularly without concern, and thus, rather than making a stock bike, is cobbling bits together from different sources, while keeping the appearance of the original. Can’tContinue reading “More stuff from the basement of wonders…”

Honda RC166

Another lash at sketching on the Wacom. This is less “sketch” and more drafting as I used the “ellipse plotting” tools pretty extensively here given the fact it’s a side view. Again, had intended this to be a quick sketch and then went and spent hours on it. Need to loosen up a bit… stillContinue reading “Honda RC166”

Honda CL350

Based on the bike created for the English version of the movie “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. I started this sketch on the weekend – this is a reasonably “involved” sketch. The geometry was set up in my sketchbook, and then the actual drawing was traced from that on tracing vellum – which acceptsContinue reading “Honda CL350”