2015 Ferrari F15 Concept


It will be strange to see a Ferrari F1 car without the Shell logo featured prominently on the side pod, but my guess is that with the addition of Haas as a sponsor that’s probably what’s going to happen – what do you think? For old time’s sake, I’ve given Shell real prominence (perhaps too much, graphically) on the rear wing…

Click on the picture for a larger version…  enjoy!

6 thoughts on “2015 Ferrari F15 Concept

  1. So is this going to be another Toro Rosso/Red Bull livery where the name of one car is written on the other…. I tried to explain to my dad that the car with ‘Red Bull’ on the side wasn’t the Red Bull car… mind blown.

    Haas F1 sponsored by Ferrari, Ferrari sponsored by Haas.


    1. No… The Red Bull will be a Red Bulll and the Toro Rosso (should I get around to it) will be a “Toro Rosso” – but it’s hard to get around the fact that ultimately they’re the same thing…. 🙂


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