2015 Infiniti Red Bull Racing RB11 concept.

I may (perhaps rightly) be accused of doing too little with this one – I just think it is exceedingly unlikely that Red Bull will change anything major… there M.O. has been one of “evolution” rather than “revolution”  – so I’ve stuck with a pretty standard format here. What I have tried to do isContinue reading “2015 Infiniti Red Bull Racing RB11 concept.”

2015 Ferrari F15 Concept

It will be strange to see a Ferrari F1 car without the Shell logo featured prominently on the side pod, but my guess is that with the addition of Haas as a sponsor that’s probably what’s going to happen – what do you think? For old time’s sake, I’ve given Shell real prominence (perhaps tooContinue reading “2015 Ferrari F15 Concept”

2015 McLaren MP4-30 F1 Concept

I don’t really think that McLaren will go with their orange livery – but I wish they would! Telefonica/Movistar? An educated guess – but who knows? I’m generally happy with this although orange is a difficult colour to deal with from a digital perspective (for me, anyway) and this has come off a little moreContinue reading “2015 McLaren MP4-30 F1 Concept”

2015 Mercedes W06 F1 Concept

I’ve tried to keep these a little more literal this year. With the Mercedes W06, I wanted to make it appear a little “meaner”, more nasty, so I’ve gotten rid of all the Petronas turquoise and tried to streamline it a bit. Still likely wouldn’t be “legal”. 🙂 I’ll try to publish the McLaren andContinue reading “2015 Mercedes W06 F1 Concept”

Williams retro-futurist rendering

Yet another photoshop bodge. Last one for a while I think – must get back to using pencil the odd time… This one imagines a mix of the new rules (VERY loosely) allied to inspiration from the 1986 Williams FW11. Once again – cheating tons here – using Goodyears that don’t exist, the “Red Five”Continue reading “Williams retro-futurist rendering”

F1 Lotus Concept

Another retro/futurist photoshop bodge-job. This is based loosely on the 2013 Lotus. I altered the shape to be a little less “noisy” and altered the graphics to reflect something more of the classic Lotus 97T/98T (1985/1986). As usual, got a little carried away – this was supposed to be a bit more “painterly” (if oneContinue reading “F1 Lotus Concept”

Fangio Mercedes

First pencil sketch in a while – and I’ve buggered it up quite comprehensively… I think the drawing is reasonably good, but I worked on the wrong vellum and dragged the heel of my hand all over the drawing making a real mess, which needed to be cleaned up in both analog and digital formats.Continue reading “Fangio Mercedes”