Ferrari 330GTC cutaway

I did this work about 4 years ago for a client who was writing a book about the Ferrari 330GTC and wanted a “cutaway drawing” as well as “Designer comments” on the car. I couldn’t have been more excited… and got myself stuck in. This was the first full “cutaway drawing” that I had everContinue reading “Ferrari 330GTC cutaway”

2015 Ferrari F15 Concept

It will be strange to see a Ferrari F1 car without the Shell logo featured prominently on the side pod, but my guess is that with the addition of Haas as a sponsor that’s probably what’s going to happen – what do you think? For old time’s sake, I’ve given Shell real prominence (perhaps tooContinue reading “2015 Ferrari F15 Concept”

Sketch for possible painting

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while – I like the nature of the subject because it is a little more abstract in flavour than what I usually do, in as much as the subject is “closed up” on, showing a detail rather than the whole car and background which would be myContinue reading “Sketch for possible painting”

2013 Malaysian GP – Alternate

One of the problems with rushing off the cartoons as fast as I try to is that sometimes you come up with another idea as you’re doing it – as I did here. In the end I liked this one enough to think it was deserving of an “airing” so I thought I’d provide aContinue reading “2013 Malaysian GP – Alternate”