2015 Williams FW37 Concept


…And the Williams FW37 concept. Had thought I’d have it done by yesterday, but for some reason it was a little tougher than I’d expected…

This will be the last F1 concept I do this year, as I’ve simply run out of time. I was hoping to at least get a Sauber and a Toro Rosso done too – but – no such luck. I’ll try to start earlier next year!  🙂

UPDATED Jan 19: An honour to see this turned into a 3D model by Dean Wright – a really talented 3D artist. Check it out here.

8 thoughts on “2015 Williams FW37 Concept

  1. Bruce,

    No worries mate on running out of time/not doing the other renders. I am just very impressed at your work and very grateful that you have chosen to share it with us Formula One lovers (as well as car and art lovers LOL) and for free no less.

    Checking out your blog and other post’s I love all your work, you are a wonderful artist and have a great eye for beauty.

    Thanks again, and I cannot wait for next years renders!!

    I would be over the moon if you chose to do more Formula One stuff, maybe some older style renders? Say from Oh I don’t know…lets choose at random…my favorite LOL Ayrton!!

    No matter what thanks again Bruce and good luck with everything else you do in the future.


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    1. Thanks Mate – glad you enjoyed them, and the rest of the blog!

      I have a digital sketch I did of Senna a while ago – I’ll post it for you… Senna was one of my favourites as well… 🙂

      Thanks again for your kind words. – cheers – Bruce


      1. That would be great, thanks Bruce:) BTW a little off topic but my dad’s name is Bruce as well LOL. But yes anything you have on Senna would be great and you are very welcome for the comments.

        Your work is awesome and very much appreciated by this fan;)


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