2015 Lotus E23 Concept


I’ve always thought that if Lotus are going to use a “JPS” inspired livery that they should do it “properly”. By “properly” I mean that they should do what they did back between  1972 and 1985, and that is to have all sponsors comply with the primary livery colours. I think (and this is, of course, only my opinion) that the red as it is presently used on the Lotuses (Loti?) is a distraction…

I figured this being a black car, I could get away with a lot more exposed carbon fibre too… Next up, the Williams… Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “2015 Lotus E23 Concept

  1. Bruce,
    Hi I have been an F1 fan for many MANY years. Also a car fan (as well as a fellow pen and pencil wielder LOL) and I wish to thank you very much for doing these renders for us fans! It is greatly appreciated, plus it opened my eyes to your site and your other wonderful drawings and designs.

    Thanks for such beautiful work and for making it available to us fan’s and for FREE no less! That is very nice as well as very classy of you. Thank you for your beautiful work and your wonderful blog. I now have a new favorite bookmark to check daily LOL!

    OT: My dad’s name is Bruce which makes it all that much better. But seriously thank you again Bruce. Awesome work and very much appreciated. Good luck on all future endeavors/work!



    1. Hi Steven – anybody who is a son of a Bruce must be an excellent bloke… 🙂

      Thanks so much for your kind comments – it is my pleasure to do these – I suspect I enjoy doing them more than anyone else enjoys looking at them. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

      Cheers – Bruce


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