2016 Aston Martin (Force India) Concept

I had a hard time with this one. I wanted to use the traditional Aston Martin colours from sports car racing in the late 50s (which is a sort of light metallic green) but I’m not sure how well I achieved it, or how well it sits with the Johnnie Walker blue and gold…

2015 Williams FW37 Concept

…And the Williams FW37 concept. Had thought I’d have it done by yesterday, but for some reason it was a little tougher than I’d expected… This will be the last F1 concept I do this year, as I’ve simply run out of time. I was hoping to at least get a Sauber and a ToroContinue reading “2015 Williams FW37 Concept”

2015 Lotus E23 Concept

I’ve always thought that if Lotus are going to use a “JPS” inspired livery that they should do it “properly”. By “properly” I mean that they should do what they did back between  1972 and 1985, and that is to have all sponsors comply with the primary livery colours. I think (and this is, of course, onlyContinue reading “2015 Lotus E23 Concept”

Williams retro-futurist rendering

Yet another photoshop bodge. Last one for a while I think – must get back to using pencil the odd time… This one imagines a mix of the new rules (VERY loosely) allied to inspiration from the 1986 Williams FW11. Once again – cheating tons here – using Goodyears that don’t exist, the “Red Five”Continue reading “Williams retro-futurist rendering”

2014 Mercedes F1 concept/fantasy

…another F1 car rendering. For this one I wanted to evoke something of the 1950’s W156 and the much earlier W154, W125s; very difficult because of the great gulf of time/technology between now and then (and the fact the older cars were front-engined). Anyway, I had a lash at it and this is the resultContinue reading “2014 Mercedes F1 concept/fantasy”

F1 Lotus Concept

Another retro/futurist photoshop bodge-job. This is based loosely on the 2013 Lotus. I altered the shape to be a little less “noisy” and altered the graphics to reflect something more of the classic Lotus 97T/98T (1985/1986). As usual, got a little carried away – this was supposed to be a bit more “painterly” (if oneContinue reading “F1 Lotus Concept”

F1 Ferrari concept

Worked this up in Photoshop, working off a 2013 Ferrari. This would never pass today’s rules, obviously – the wheelbase has been shortened considerably, the nose dropped, the overall height of the car lowered… I suppose that this is sort of a blend between the 2013 Ferrari F138 and the 1988 Ferrari F1/88. I hadContinue reading “F1 Ferrari concept”