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2016 McLaren Concept

I’m a McLaren fan – and I know this is nasty, but I just couldn’t resist… 🙂 Let’s hope their 2016 car is a lot less like this than last year…

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2016 Aston Martin (Force India) Concept

I had a hard time with this one. I wanted to use the traditional Aston Martin colours from sports car racing in the late 50s (which is a sort of light metallic green) but I’m not sure how well I … Continue reading

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2016 Renault F1 Concept

I’d love to see Renault come back with their yellow, black, and white livery. Somehow I think that sponsorship considerations will make this untenable. It’d be nice though, wouldn’t it?

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2015 Williams FW37 Concept

…And the Williams FW37 concept. Had thought I’d have it done by yesterday, but for some reason it was a little tougher than I’d expected… This will be the last F1 concept I do this year, as I’ve simply run … Continue reading

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2015 Lotus E23 Concept

I’ve always thought that if Lotus are going to use a “JPS” inspired livery that they should do it “properly”. By “properly” I mean that they should do what they did back between  1972 and 1985, and that is to have all … Continue reading

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Williams retro-futurist rendering

Yet another photoshop bodge. Last one for a while I think – must get back to using pencil the odd time… This one imagines a mix of the new rules (VERY loosely) allied to inspiration from the 1986 Williams FW11. … Continue reading

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Mclaren retro livery concept

…another photoshop bodge for your consideration. This one is based very loosely on the new rules in an unhealthy mating with the old McLaren MP4/8.

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2014 Mercedes F1 concept/fantasy

…another F1 car rendering. For this one I wanted to evoke something of the 1950’s W156 and the much earlier W154, W125s; very difficult because of the great gulf of time/technology between now and then (and the fact the older … Continue reading

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F1 Lotus Concept

Another retro/futurist photoshop bodge-job. This is based loosely on the 2013 Lotus. I altered the shape to be a little less “noisy” and altered the graphics to reflect something more of the classic Lotus 97T/98T (1985/1986). As usual, got a … Continue reading

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F1 Ferrari concept

Worked this up in Photoshop, working off a 2013 Ferrari. This would never pass today’s rules, obviously – the wheelbase has been shortened considerably, the nose dropped, the overall height of the car lowered… I suppose that this is sort … Continue reading

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