Jaguar XJ220

A long awaited sketch from a brilliant show I went to about a month and a half ago. This was a show at the Canadian Heritage Warplane Museum in Hamilton, and it was a show dedicated to Jags, not planes, though Evelyn and I spent about half our time toddling through the amazing aircraft and watching the old planes taking off and landing with their paying customers… a brilliant day – made even more brilliant by this Jaguar XJ220 – I’ve seen one XJ220 in England and one in Canada – the Canadian one I had seen is a brilliant yellow and was at the last (2019) British Car Day – I’d taken shots of it but never got around to sketching it. This was a silver model, and was parked directly behind the self same yellow XJ220 (which I have excised from the sketch – along with much else to optimize the sketch). I’ve been working on a render of this, but it is taking oh – so long – and thus I give you the sketch. More to follow! 🙂

The rarity of these cars might be highlighted by the fact that I have seen two flying Lancasters – one when I was in my final year at the RCA and, having lunch one late April day on the open deck beside the RCA sandwich shop, saw a singles Lancaster, several Hurricanes and four Spitfires fly overhead heading southeast to Buckingham Palace to amuse the Queen – though I assure you, I, and my friends were likely far more excited. There is also a flying Lancaster out of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum – and it is (at the time of this writing) one of only two Lancasters flying worldwide. Go see it.

But – my point? I’ve seen two flying World War Two Bombers (the only ones in existence) and three XJ220s. This should give you an idea of the rarity of these cars – the number of cars manufactured – as far as I know – is 275. Rare indeed. But not as rare as the Lancaster!

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