1971 Airstream, Blue Mountain

A quick sketch of “Oscar” – a 25′ (guess) Airstream Land Yacht that Evelyn and I booked this past weekend (Hallowe’en). Oscar was parked on a farm on top of Blue Mountain. The weather, as it turned out, was awful – we hit solid cloud (well – fog) at Orangeville and it only got worse the further north we went. We spent two nights here, but it drizzled the whole time. Interestingly though, this was loads of fun. Our 11 year old Labrador ran around the property like a puppy, and I felt like… let’s change the language – ME felt like MAN coz built FIRE! Ha ha. First time I’ve split logs in 25 years. Most satisfying. Had a great time, visited Collingwood, Thornbury and Clarksburg (lots of art galleries) and hiked – in spite of the weather! Great time. Here’s the link to Oscar.

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