Alright… and here’s “B”. I count (including license plates, signage and all) 34 items starting with “B”.  (Click to see full size).


This is something I started many, many moons ago, and have never quite finished. The idea was to come up with an “ABC” book based on automobiles and alliteration. I also wanted to try to populate the images with items that start with the letter… (in this case, “A). Some aren’t “hidden” (like the “Autobahn” sign), but others may be easy to overlook. There are 16 items hidden in this particular image.

I’ll be posting these letter by letter on Tuesdays. Spoiler alert… I’ve only “finished” to “J”, with sketches for K, L, and M. Let me know what you think (and find!). Enjoy!

P.S. The cars don’t count towards the 16 hidden items.

P. P. S. A sharp-eyed viewer has found another “A” item – so there are 17. Apologies – it’s been so long since I did “A” I’ve had to search the things myself!

P.P.P.S: Another found 18! 🙂

British Car Day, 2017

Honda S600

yeah, I know – it’s a Honda S600. First one I’ve seen in the flesh – and where was it? Just at the end of the line of Deloreans beside a pristine S600 Coupé. They weren’t properly “displayed” as part of the show, but were somewhat cheekily parked just close enough to the action to be very much a part of everything.

Made my day.

Austin Healey Sprite, Nancy, France


Not the car you might expect to see in eastern France – but there it was. We only stayed in Nancy a single night (which was way too short), but it was there when we arrived, had left by the evening and was right back there first thing in the morning – so I assume that it is a regular there. The car was “driver quality” and was driven by an older woman who appeared to use it for her daily driver. Very cool. We’d just come in from Switzerland where everything is very much “by the book” and we were paying for parking just up the street from this, rifling our pockets for coins. A woman walking by said “you needn’t pay for the whole time you’re here. Just pay for an hour – that’s enough to make the police happy. So we did. And she was right. Vive le France. 🙂

Old Barn near Murren


This was a very old barn near Murren in the Bernese Oberland. It’s a beautiful area and a “way station” on the way to the cable car to Piz Gloria. Getting here required a train down from where we were staying in Wengen, a cable car halfway up the mountain across from our chalet and a train ride across the side of the mountain to the village.

Old Buildings, Basel


I didn’t get to do a lot of “on-site” sketching this past trip for various reasons, but took lots of photos as there was loads of interesting subject matter. The perspective in this particular sketch was rather tricky and took a couple of times to get right – the mixture of the steeply uphill lane with the buildings protruding on different angles made this something of a challenge. Basel is a lovely city.

Kleine Scheidegg


The Hotel at Kleine Scheidegg, Switzerland with the Eiger Nordwand behind. I’ve read so much about this place in books like “The White Spider” and “The Eiger Sanction”, that it was quite strange to be sitting there and taking in this view that I never thought I’d see…

Mark 1 Cobra


I finally toddled over to “Legendary Motorcar” in Milton this past week. Really stunning stuff. I particularly liked this Mark 1 Cobra – beautiful car – much “lighter” and more elegant than the later versions.



A 1963 split window Corvette, and this one is actually manual! (A four speed). Liked it, but wasn’t too sure about the colour and the mods. I mean – it’s a split window Vette – they only made these for a single year! It’s like finding a flat floor E type that someone thought needed fender flares and and a 426 Hemi…

I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to this stuff, which is one opinion, but I have to say that, in spite of the colour, this was kinda cool. #conflicted. 🙂

1967 Lincoln Continental


Did this at the request of my friend, Graham – any reasons, Graham, for this particular model?

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