K, L


Apologies – for the late addition of this (have been very busy) and the quality. This is a sketch – I didn’t get much further than this. I do have “M” sketched out in rough and will publish it next week. But for now, I leave you to collect the items beginning with K and L – I shan’t give you a number this time…. 🙂 Enjoy!

Ooops! And Evelyn has just pointed out to me that in the “L” I have a spelling mistake – should be “listlessly” – this is the problem with “drawing” letters as opposed to writing them.



..and here is J…including the cars, I count 25 items – Have at it!



And “I”… I count 22 items beginning with the letter “I” in this. Have at it!



Here is “H” = I count 30 items starting with H including the cars… have fun!




And on to “G”. Including obvious things like the car, and any “words” on the page I believe that this page has 35 items starting with the letter “G”. Have at it… 🙂



…and here is “F”… I count 34 items beginning with the letter F (you can only count the Fiats once, though!). Enjoy!

Oh! Bonus: See if you can find the mis-spelling. 🙂

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Back to the ABCs on Tuesday…

“D and E”


I’m a little late posting this one… most naughty of me. You’ll likely want to click on this one to enlarge it to see as much as possible. I count 33 items in “D” and 15 in “E”. Enjoy!



And here is “C”, I count 30 items, not including the 2 cars (Corvette and Cadillac). Enjoy!


Alright… and here’s “B”. I count (including license plates, signage and all) 34 items starting with “B”.  (Click to see full size).

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