Toyota Sports 800

Brilliant car – an 800cc, 45 HP car that topped out at (claimed) 160km/h – which in something this small would seem like warp speed. These cars were a reaction to the introduction of the first Honda production car, the S500. It’s not hard to see a “little brother” likeness to the Toyota 2000GT. IContinue reading “Toyota Sports 800”

1920 Maybach Spezialrennwagen

This is a sketch that I did from a photo I took in Sinsheim Germany, at the Sinsheim Auto und Technik Museum. I thought this was a great car – all polished metal with a brass radiator, and a single cyclopean headlamp. The car was powered by chain drive to the back wheels and didContinue reading “1920 Maybach Spezialrennwagen”

Mercedes 540K

Lovely car, this. I did the initial sketch, but felt, somehow, that the “roughness” of the sketch didn’t flatter the car… so what you see beneath is a “toned” photoshopped version of the sketch which I think adds a little “elegance”. These cars boasted 180 hp, and, much as I want one, I think itContinue reading “Mercedes 540K”