Mercedes W154

This is a thumbnail sketch I did today, with the intention of doing a bigger drawing – but in the end I quite liked this and decided to leave it. The drawing is about 3 inches across, so the size you see it on the screen distorts the pencil strokes a little and makes itContinue reading “Mercedes W154”

Fangio Mercedes

First pencil sketch in a while – and I’ve buggered it up quite comprehensively… I think the drawing is reasonably good, but I worked on the wrong vellum and dragged the heel of my hand all over the drawing making a real mess, which needed to be cleaned up in both analog and digital formats.Continue reading “Fangio Mercedes”

1936 Auto Union

One of the strangest looking Grand prix cars ever… but an amazing piece of engineering. The engine was a 6 litre V16 and made 520 bhp. For the full appreciation of it’s “strangeness”, one must really see it from the side; the driver is shoved forward into the blunt nose and the V16 fills theContinue reading “1936 Auto Union”