F1 Concept Detail

These are always a little tricky to do, because the whole point is to establish detail for reference and consideration – but in concentrating on the detail you can easily lose sight of the “bigger picture” – I think I may have done so here – the body looks a little “deep”, and the noseContinue reading “F1 Concept Detail”

F1 Concept Development (continued)

Some more work on the F1 car – trying to establish some of the “less seen” elements like the rear diffuser and suspension. Trying to keep these minimal as I want the design to rely less on aero than is now the case. Trying also to establish a “sculptural” aesthetic that mates nicely with theContinue reading “F1 Concept Development (continued)”

F1 Concept Development

This is not the usual thing I would display, as I don’t consider it “finished” or “presentable”. However, this is the basis for a fifth scale model I will be making over the summer, and I thought that this might be interesting to display for that reason. The top two drawings are “top” and “side”Continue reading “F1 Concept Development”