2016 Mercedes F1 concept

Sorry everyone, a little late with this, this year, but my travels have distracted… So – my first 2016 “concept”, the Mercedes. You’ll note that Petronas still don’t get their preferred colours in my design, but I’ve just spent 3 weeks in Malaysia and I have developed the opinion that Petronas has much bigger worriesContinue reading “2016 Mercedes F1 concept”

2015 Lotus E23 Concept

I’ve always thought that if Lotus are going to use a “JPS” inspired livery that they should do it “properly”. By “properly” I mean that they should do what they did back between  1972 and 1985, and that is to have all sponsors comply with the primary livery colours. I think (and this is, of course, onlyContinue reading “2015 Lotus E23 Concept”