1971 Airstream, Blue Mountain

A quick sketch of “Oscar” – a 25′ (guess) Airstream Land Yacht that Evelyn and I booked this past weekend (Hallowe’en). Oscar was parked on a farm on top of Blue Mountain. The weather, as it turned out, was awful – we hit solid cloud (well – fog) at Orangeville and it only got worseContinue reading “1971 Airstream, Blue Mountain”

“Squish my ride”…

Apparently there is an app now that will do this… very impressive. Being stubborn, pedantic and silly, I did this the “old-fashioned” way, in photoshop – saving myself 99¢ on the app and wasting several hours of my time to achieve what the app does in 20 seconds. Clever eh? OK – and it’s notContinue reading ““Squish my ride”…”